March 02, 2015

Urban Programmers with Smartwave

This is a story for the people who have technical skills and who have in some ways worked on software development but haven’t got the aptitude for programming. They may have a little bit of formal knowledge of the kind but they are in possession of great scientific and technical background.

Smartwave is a web app which binds together different elements in order to meet the demands of ‘urban programmers’ and the rock’n’roll of today: touch sensitive visual studio puts forward a unique, yet powerful tool for creating steps of the process, the core of the modern application. Processes created in this way can then be polished to perfection with the help of the visual tool for BPMN 2.0 diagrams, which is intended for professionals.

BPMN diagram

‘Flow Builder’ tool provides an interactive ‘non-BPMN flowcharting’ style with a limited number of functionalities in this version, but it is more than enough for creating ‘human-centric’ processes and apps.

Flow Builder Smartwave Step 1

Application work space opens with a process start card at the top of the screen. If you want to put a title for your processes, just click and start typing. If you have started creating from an already existing process then its name will appear here and you can continue with the changes.

Flow Builder Smartwave Step 2

When the card gets its focus, an icon appears in the top right corner and if you click on it, a list of elements which can be added will appear under the element you are currently on.

Flow Builder Smartwave Step 3

Element is added by clicking on the option. Each of them has its own special behavior which can be edited or deleted by clicking the button in the top right corner within the element. And the added element now has its own icon for adding new elements under it. Therefore, the sequence of steps is easily and quickly continued.

Flow Builder Smartwave Step 4

Elements can be dragged and in this way you can change the layout or the flow of the process. With conditional steps, i.e. steps with a decision, you also choose the steps process will jump to, depending on the solution of the decision (business rule).This is the reason why each step has its name and number in front of it, along with the defined possible input and output steps.

Flow Builder Smartwave Step 6

It is nice but first of all simple and user friendly, and playing with structural variations and process flows is based on the principle of drag and drop. The result can be easily reviewed and verified at all times. There is also the visual editor for the settings of the process steps, such as behavior (business rules) and screens (user interface). The end result is totally adaptable for different screens, i.e. smart devices.

Next steps

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