October 28, 2016

Smartwave from Serbia at a conference in Silicon Valley

Source: N1 Author: Tanja Veselinovic

The world’s largest FinTech conference in the USA’s Silicon Valley had a representative from Serbia, company Smartwave with headquarters in Belgrade.


This company was chosen from 200 candidates who wished to participate in the conference and they presented their platform for digitalization and automation of business processes.


Santa Clara conference showcased the latest achievements in financial technology, an economic industry which uses technology in order to make their financial services more efficient. The CEO of Smartwave, Predrag Markovic talked for Infobiz about the conference and business in Serbia.

Markovic says that Smartwave was one of four European companies which introduced themselves to the representatives of the world’s largest IT companies, among which were: PayPal, IBM, Wel Fargo.

The software solution they are offering is actually intended for small and medium enterprises that can’t afford expensive software and it enables them to come up with their own app, based on business processes, but without any programming knowledge.

According to him, clients can use their tools, which are graphic, to digitalize their business without writing a single line of code.

"To be specific, since we are talking about financial technology, when a client wishes to take out a loan, the software, taking into account all the data about the client, gives all the products this particular client can get form the bank", says Markovic.

Smartwave at InfoBiz N1

As Markovic states, Smartwave was founded in 2014 without any subsidies or incentives. He believes that it is a good thing the state is taking interest in the IT sector, but he also thinks that the subsidies should be given to local IT companies which are developing their own software solutions, as Smartwave is.

You can find out more details in the interview with the CEO of Smartwave, hosted by Tatjana Veselinovic.



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