February 24, 2015

People Centric at Smartwave

Have you ever wished for a hotel room in the center of the most beautiful city so that everything is within reach? Whether you live in the center or not, digital business puts people in the very center and enables them to do the things they want or the things they didn’t even imagine to be possible.

Digital business and business processes are constantly evolving and business tools have to keep up. On the other hand, new possibilities will appearing and disappear unless we react quickly. Frequent changes require fast implementation in almost real time in order to keep up with the competition or to be at least a tad better than they are. Accepting the changes quickly is the key for improving and advancing any business and the outcome of these changes depends primarily on the tools and the participants.

Smartwave improves your existing systems with extensions for business process management (BPM) and adaptive case management (ACM) with the efficient and flexible implementation without IT and heavy sustainable code.

SoI * (SoR + SoD) = a formula for modernizing applications and creating Systems of Engagement (SoE).
  • Systems of Record (SoR): these resources, applications and tools will include Human Resources (HR), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Financials and other applications that drive the “core revenue stream” of the business.
  • Systems of Differentiation (SoD): these resources, applications and tools will include Business Process Management (BPM), workflows and other technologies that DO NOT involve a lot of hard software application coding – and, crucially, will add to and enhance Systems of Record.
  • Systems of Innovation (SoI): these resources, applications and tools will include anything that allows us to get our Systems of Record to the web, to the cloud, to mobile and to integrate with the Internet of Things.

Adrian Bridgwater at Forbes: New business formula for application modernization

Smartwave as system of engagement, raises existing applications (system of records) to a higher level with intuitive user interface in the cloud or on premises for the scaled performance improvements. It is available on any smart device in real time for customers, employees and partners with intelligent analytics as a seamless integration of people, business and things.

H2H, Human for Humans

This is the reason why Smartwave as an app with efficient and flexible changes of business processes focuses on people, smart people on the move in particular. Social interaction on any device is one of the main pillars of Smartwave products. Therefore the functionalities of social interaction are built into our products, for example, ‘Job Well Done’ is similar to ‘like’ on Facebook, which enables us to give recognition to a group, a team, an individual, etc. for a job well done.

Smartwave Well Done Button

With the help of ‘Well done’ button we enable our Smartwave users to express their appreciation for a well done job without writing a comment or an e-mail. Moreover, we can find out everything that is going on with processes and activities of our interest, in real time, and we can respond to an event or a change faster and simpler, similar to what we are already doing on our favorite social networks There are also other functionalities like the micro blog, link saving, connecting with documents, surveys, etc.

In this way, each record within the app, each business object or process gets a social dimension which is nowadays essential for business, the human touch.

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