January 3, 2016

Enhance your business with the help of processes

When you have successful business and IT leaders teamed up, only the best business processes can arise from it which can be noticed in soaring competitiveness, business agility and efficiency, as well as in shorter business cycles. This way saving is much greater than with simply cutting the expenses. Due to constant technological advances Business Process Management (BPM) is developing more and more. For this reason organizations are turning to business process management in order to establish continuous process monitoring and its advancement for better operational excellence and more and more simplified adjustment to complex regulatory environment.

Business processes change very frequently, every 12 weeks on avarage; can you change your Back-End applications so often?

Current business requires constant changes with shorter cycles and with more demanding clients and suppliers who want interaction through various channels with enabled self-service functions, all the while keeping track of the moves in order to reveal the intentions and offer suitable action. Instead of on “what” the focus is on “how” the user uses the app. To achieve this, the companies are turning to adopting BPM methods and tools. BPM uses business models with the aim of coordinating the interaction between people, systems, policies and information.

Smartwave is your strategic partner for turning your business into an unparalleled digital experience. If you are not a technological whizz but you are a business savvy, we can help you to define and implement the digitalization of your business as simply as possible. Our platform provides the means for effortless creation of business solutions that will push the envelope of the new digital era.

Every business is an aggregate of specific rules and sequences of activities. Placing processes in the center of business is an advantage in itself since it enables the processes to be clearly defined, measured and adjusted. The key to efficiency of every business is simple documenting and improving the processes. BPM makes possible for these changes to come about in a quick and simple manner, very often without modifying the app, simply by configuring it.

Smartwave gives you one-click process automation!

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Smartwave Decision
Figure 1. Smartwave Real time decision making engine with graphical decision tree for buisiness rules
Smartwave BPM layer is often above existing apps so it includes them all through one interface filling the abyss that they left behind. By doing so, extra value is gained from existing investments in applications and people.

BPM is approached in several waves in order to prove its use value, build competencies, provide simple expansion, etc.

  • Start with the problem- begin by identifying and analyzing the problem whose solution will bring you the biggest benefit, i.e. business value
  • Quickly implement the prototype- realize a small project which can measure ROI
  • Expand the enhancements-using the best practice from previous implementations start new ones
And if you are not sure where to begin, don’t worry: Smartwave have identified the key processes, designed some of them already so that they can be the starting point to enhance your business.

On the other hand, attention should be paid to the following risks:

  • Large cost of implementation ( in millions )
  • Problems with defining the data model of process
  • Big implementation timeframe
  • Big expenses of hiring dedicated BPM experts
  • Very little engagement of the employees
Smartwave gives you one-click process automation!

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Opportunity to access enterprise-class technology in the cloud or on premises

Smartwave has developed a technology which supports your initiative for digital transformation with the powerful, simple and yet intelligent BPM platform for ongoing enhancement of business models and automation of business processes which exceed the limits of an organization and connect a large number of background systems. Our “all-in-one” suite is available on any smart device anytime and anywhere for all clients, employees and partners. Start using it from our safe Cloud or take full control after the installation on your premises.

Platform users have the possibility too easily and efficiently transform your business needs into an application with minimal requirements (sometimes even without) for complex IT knowledge just by using many of the functionalities provided by the platform. Smartwave is offering a platform as a service (PaaS) on a public or private cloud and in this way it provides the clients with vertical and horizontal integration, thus enabling the business process to flow digitally no matter if the process participant is internally in the organization or one of the external partners.

Smartwave gives you one-click process automation!

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Smartwave Platform
Figure 2. Smartwave Digital Business Platform

Advantages of Smartwave

Smartwave offers a clear view of all work activities that pervade an organization and it represents the key role in cutting down operational overheads. Smartwave provides agility, innovation, keeping up with fast technological changes and it is the vital factor of success in this modern world overwhelmed with frequent crises. These are only few of the advantages:

  • Really affordable price ( in thousands)
  • Pre-defined models of processes and data which represent the starting point
  • Fast implementation
  • No new skills required for modelling
  • Familiar to everyone, available everywhere
  • Full support for world standards such as: BPMN 2.0, CMIS, etc.
Smartwave gives you one-click process automation!

Create new workspace, today!!

Diversity of process patterns for various industries, simple usage, improved productivity and mobility provided by Smartwave represent a strong foundation for all of your BPM needs.

If you have an idea for a digital process or an app or demands that have to be tailored to your specific needs, or you just need consultations, Smartwave provides immense flexibility in adjusting current solutions or creating brand new processes that never existed before.

Smartwave is intended for:

  • Small companies- a unique opportunity to embark on a professional business model with little expenses
  • Medium companies- optimal solution for documentation and automation of businesses with analytics through excellent ROI
  • Large corporations- the right way to secure mass involvement of all employees in the process of enhancement, that is, without additional engagement and training costs. Unique integration possibilities with a large number of background systems.

Smartwave team gathered with the idea to make business processes better and more available as we possibly can, by using the cutting-edge Microsoft technologies.Thus, for companies that have Microsoft infrastructure such as SharePoint, Dynamics, Office, Visio, Azure….. Smartwave is unmistakably the best choice.

Viable Smartwave users are:

  • Managing board - adjustable notifications and reports on business processes initiated in the company.
  • Business analysts - documenting, analyzing, testing and simulating business processes.
  • IT managers - centralized information about IT infrastructure, process performances and all connections.
  • Programmers/ software developers – support to the integration and expansion of system capabilities with new functionalities
  • All employees - review and execution of tasks in a process through Web interface on every work place, anywhere.
  • Partners – process can cross the borders of your organization and include external partners and associates, if your business requires it.
  • Clients end users can now by themselves access the system’s functions and initiate processes, sales, etc.
Smartwave Automation
Figure 3. Smartwave Process Automation

Processes of today represent the pillar of business. They define how your clients are connected with the company and how you take your business to the future. Smartwave offers you this tool which liberates your business knowledge and takes it to a comprehensive app solution.

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Smartwave team

’Tailored operation excellence for your business processes, not software.’

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