Digital transformation is the new wave

Today, there are more than 6.5 billion mobile connections worldwide  1 and around 40% of the world’s population has an internet connection 2. 25 billion connected devices will be in use by 2020 3 and there will be around 5,200 GB of data for every person on the Earth 4. A new wave of business solutions is needed for a digital age and yes, you can build it with Smartwave.

Source: Altmeter Group Digital Transformation Survey, 2014. N=59

Smartwave is a promising startup with its new groundbreaking platform for building digital business, which enables business modernization, integration of anything, customer growth and partner expansion. We are a company of people dedicated to deliver the best-value digital transformation of business of our amazing partners & customers without them having complex IT knowledge. Company is made up of a team of senior partners who left the major fin-tech and banking companies in 2014 and 2015. They brought in-depth experience design, development, management and implementation of large Business-IT solutions for financial, banking and e-commerce business in SEE region.

Smartwave gives you one-click process automation!

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New wave to express your business

Digital is sparking an attitude of innovation, delivery and evolution in today’s leading enterprises. There is a pervasive need to modernize the customer experience, act faster, automate processes, mobilize operations and optimize a supply chain. The platform is an answer to today’s rising customer expectations and rapid technology innovations. The new wave of technologies enables leaders to rethink entire business processes and model with a digital-first mindset.

Gartner Says Spending on Business Process Management Suites is to Reach $2.7 Billion in 2015 as Organizations Digitalize Processes 5.

Smartwave represents the unified, modular, elastic, scalable and robust platform capabilities that tailor your solution. It follows the principles of a lean, agile architecture for speedy implementation. It's a service-oriented, event-driven with command and query responsibility segregation and API enabled development environment.

Promising start up means collaboration with the best in league. Smartwave is a Microsoft partner with the benefit to use Azure, high-end cloud infrastructure for hybrid or public cloud deployment 6.

Smartwave gives you one-click process automation!

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To achieve agility and speed, we create a modular system, because we think about the system of components rather than the application. Components are independent but work in harmony to deliver services and can be changed independently without impacting each other.

Smartwave Architecture

Smartwave has many tools to support the creation of a process-oriented solution with seamless integration, microservices, automated decisioning, domain events, business documents, intuitive user experience and programming logic:

  1. Front end system: A fully secured front office system that provides similar experience to customers across all channels and seamlessly allows customers to choose whatever channel they want to interact with the organization.
  2. Business process system: a system used to define and manage all business processes that an organization needs to run a business. Change one process without changing others.
  3. Sales system: A system for sales which is driven by vast experience and provides superior value to customers when they need it, where they need it and how they need it.
  4. Master data systems: It represents a single truth of non-duplicating data for customers, segmentations, products and prices that exist at enterprise level and is not duplicated across the enterprise.
  5. Real time decision engine: The tool for automation of business decisions is a completely autonomous graphic tool which enables users to create and update business decisions as rules of the business.
  6. Rapid integration system: A system that orchestrates how the different systems interact with each other to holistically deliver services. It allows to incorporate 3rd party services and interfaces with external providers of services.
Smartwave gives you one-click process automation!

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Smartwave platform is designed for medium size companies in any industry, including, but not limited to, finance, government, telecommunications, consulting, retail and IT. Larger enterprises can also use Smartwave platform.

Smartwave service connects our business customers with partners, clients and employees and empower all of them to be more collaborative and efficient, without technical expertise.
Our new wave technology is all-in-one work management platform that powers agile solutions to specific operational challenges. Easily create your own apps to support your processes, from HR over help desk to production processes, start small, improve as you go and manage your cases, execute your processes and organize your tasks. Collaborate on documents, tasks and cases, get immediate feedback from your employees, partners, and customers and continuously improve your processes.

Smartwave gives you one-click process automation!

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Why Smartwave?

Become the super-hero of your business, easy as 1-2-3:

  • Transforming the business with digitalized processes

    To meet high customer expectations, companies must accelerate the digitalization of their business processes. But they should go beyond simply automating an existing process. They must reinvent the entire business process, including cutting the number of steps required, reducing the number of documents, developing automated decision making, and dealing with regulatory and fraud issues. In a digitalized process, smart devices are integrated in the business process in order to ensure that the process can adjust to changing conditions as necessary. Process innovation can happen more easily when such devices are orchestrated together with all other process participants.
    With revolutionary Smartwave you can extend your business with modern technology on-demand. Make the solution that fits in your environment without having to invest a lot of time or money. Beautiful Smartwave all-in-one suite is available on any smart device (desktop, smart phone, tablet, TV, etc.) in real time for customers, employees and partners as a seamless integration of people, business and things.

  • Empowering your workforce

    Beside digitalization, a modern way of doing things brings to us the constant change. Managing business processes effectively is a difficult challenge for today’s business leaders, because business processes are changing all the time, regulations also change, new idea is born or an organization wants to add new services (researches show that production processes change every 12 weeks on average). Forget about costly and long-term implementation cycles. Easily build your own business solution to empower process management. Adjust as you go, discover incredible flexibility of change dictated by your business.
    Awesome Smartwave will overcome the limitations of legacy systems. It serves to easily manage multiple, evolving, long-lived business processes that span both people and systems as well as functional boundaries. With Smartwave’s state of the art, anyone can create workflows, automate business processes, define rules, compose UI, and build entire apps without writing a single line of code.

  • Delighting customers

    A successful business solution is human-centric and process-oriented. Anything that doesn’t allow people to perform their tasks in a natural way is doomed to be bypassed and rejected. People manage processes, and not the other way around. Therefore, experienced Smartwave team has developed out-of-the-box digital solutions optimized for sales funnel with full customer overview, loyalty, segmentation and product catalog with cross-sell, up-sell, self-bundling etc.
    We have added enhanced support for human collaboration, integration with social media, mobile access to processes, more analytics and real-time decision management. Incredible Smartwave boosts the collaboration and empowers people to be more effective, responsive and innovative in the context of the work they do with contextual business intelligence, social tools, insight into business process and clean and easy for use natural user interface on any device.

We support business responsiveness with strong partner networks for business transformation capabilities in addition to traditional implementation services. Because we do not want to transform existing complexity into a new complexity.

How it works?

Smartwave offers a myriad of solutions which make your business more expedient and efficient. Digital transformation of your business process to beautiful, powerful yet simple tailored operation excellence. For example, we create a process for internal IT equipment request by employees in an organization. We created a process called IT shop with Smartwave’s modeling, digitalization, monitoring and business process simulation tool.

Smartwave gives you one-click process automation!

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Smartwave - Modeling

1. Selection and application for devices and IT services

At the beginning, user opens the page where he can chose among different devices and services. the selection is simplified with lot of existing filters (product categories, price, tags, user ratings etc.) and views (all, new, best rated, highlighted products etc.) gotten by combining different filter values. user can chose one to more devices from different categories, technical specifications and manufacturers, depending of his/her job position

Smartwave - How it works

By hovering the „Learn more“ link it is easy to get a quick view of device technical characteristics but also to enter needed number and confirm the requisition for the concrete devices.

Smartwave - How it works

By defining additional parameters, for example employee group that current employee belongs to, the requisition priority can be set (high, medium, low) as well as optimal time for its resolution. These parameters will serve to define the treatment priority of this requisition within the whole process.

2. Verification and approval by organization unit manager

Previously defined requisition is assigned to organization unit manager to verification and approval. He can approve, reject or partially approve the requisition with the possibility of adding comments and correcting the number of ordered devices.

Smartwave - How it works

3. Verification and approval by HR associate

Like the Organization Unit Manager, HR associate can also approve, reject or partially approve the requisition with possibility of adding comments or viewing comments entered by Manager of the Organization Unit in which the requestor is employed

Smartwave - How it works

4. Requisition closing by external partner

After requisition confirmation by HR department, external partner gets the e-mail notification with detailed ordered specification and delivery address details. External partner also enters into the system and confirms, rejects or partially confirms the requisition with possibility of entering additional comments. They can use any smart device for this task.

Smartwave - How it works

5. Service rating by employee who requested the device

Process ends with employee who started the request and who can also rate the provided service.

Smartwave - How it works

All of the stated steps are controlled and supervised by the System. In case of activities not executing within the defined timeframe, process participants that cause the deadlock are notified by an email about activates that wait for realization. E-mail notifications can also be sent to participant’s manager if you configure the system like that.

Tube map

Tube map represents the intuitive map for reading which is used in World’s most famous metro networks. Within the Smartwave platform it is used to schematize the modeling process diagram with the main stream, alternative streams and the activities that are executed in the stream. This diagram gives the clean picture to all participants of process status and activities that need to be done to finish it. Previously defined process, at the point of finishing the “Selection and application for devices and IT services” step would look like this in the tube map:

Smartwave gives you one-click process automation!

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Smartwave - How it works

After finishing the whole process (manager and HR associate approval, external partner confirmation and employee rating) diagram would look like this

Smartwave - How it works


Smartwave promote standardization and re-use of existing assets, creating a consistent user experience, here are just some of the feature highlights of our platform

  • Graphic Process Designer : Highly-productive process designer based on BPMN 2.0, so you can import diagrams from different tools.
  • Business Models : Use existing re-usable business model that can be shared across your organization.
  • Process templates : Predefined process templates represent best industrial practices.
  • Rule Independence : Business rules are expressed directly with a graphic tool, rather than embedded (and lost) in the flow of processes or application programs.
  • Assignment Ruls : Clear distribution of responsibilities within the process participants.
  • Responsivnes Screens : Your screen will work on any device. No more creating forms for each device.
  • Dynamic Forms : Create complex forms to do everything from hiding and displaying fields to auto-assigning data.
Smartwave gives you one-click process automation!

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Smartwave - Business object

  • Document managment : Easily store and retrieve files that have been uploaded or created by our platform as part of a business processs.
  • Inbox : View and respond to all task and inquiries from one spot.It's as easy to use as your own email inbox — just smarter. Prioritize your assignments, monitor updates in real time, and give timely feedback.
  • Self documenting : The simple graphical interface enables business users to define new documents and edit existing documents that describe some task in a process.
  • Collaboration : Work collaboratively with others to create and build new applications. Our platform provides real-time co-editing of your process.
  • Multi-user : Create true multi-user processes by passing work from one individual or team to another. Build simple approval processes or complex cross-organizational work streams.
  • Multi-language : We make sure your process applications can be easily translated to any language. We separate the structure from the content so that you can build the process once but make it available globally.
  • Universal search : Full-text search lets you quickly find cases, tasks, people and data across your process.
  • Database : Use visual tools and features to create a single view of data. Add methods to drive behavior. Build them once and use them again and again.
  • Deployment options : Platform can be implemented in a variety of ways in the cloud: public, private, and hybrid.
  • Connectors : Includes a comprehensive integration framework to connect processes to other applications – or build your own.
  • Full API Access : APIs are not just for developers. They ensure your project success. Our entire platform is API based, giving you enormous control to create something that meets your exact needs.
  • Audit : Every application change is tracked in the audit log, so the System always knows who did it, when and what kind of change is made.
  • Notifications : Automatic notification of the process participant through email or sms and possibility of initiating the activity from the email.
  • Operational efficiencies : Transform the data from processes into knowledge that enables ongoing adjustments.

We encourage you to learn more about how digital solutions from Smartwave can help you become a digital business: Request a call, Request a presentation or Ask a question

We are always happy to assist you!

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Smartwave team

’Tailored operation excellence for your business processes, not software.’

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