June 16, 2015

Business Responsiveness with Smartwave

I often meet ‘hackers’ in the business world who are not directly related to the IT profession. These are the people who successfully execute everyday business challenges with the help of the phone, e-mail, and Excel documents. However, this approach has numerous setbacks and the biggest problem is multiple truths (documents) about the same thing and integrations of different data. In time, these ‘ad-hoc’ processes become IT solutions and this enables same experience for all participants in the process. Solutions like these make your business more efficient, resilient and effective because they provide structured data which circles among the participants in some business process. On the other hand, the digital era, which we are witnesses of, pushes the envelope, there are IT business solutions appearing that not only automate but also transform and simplify doing business as such.

Smartwave is introducing a new model of services ‘software plus service’ and enables its clients to participate in the race against the fast technological development and greater ‘digital’ expectations of the end users. In this way we enable long term solutions for economic problems of individuals and organizations which would like to put forward a new vision on the market. With our tools for traditional implementation you get business knowledge through a widespread network of business consultants.

Business consultants solve problems for their clients and clients entrepreneurs solve market problems.

In order to meet the ever growing clients’ demands and new channels of sale, it is necessary to digitalize business processes ASAP. However, this is not just automation of existing processes but it is creating completely new approaches to business and its organization. Consequently, you have optimized organizational structure which represents support for new processes and not the other way round. This is why we have, with the help of tech partners, enabled integration of smart phones, internal and external systems into a unified business environment. As a result, we have secured simple adjustment of your business to the changes of growingly demanding market and overcoming of all imposed limitations of existing information systems.

And what are the advantages of this approach?

Business Responsiveness with Smartwave

According to the research of McKinsey 1 consulting company, the costs could even drop 90% in different fields of industry. As proof, they gave a few obvious examples:

  • One bank digitalized sales of housing loans and reduced the costs per new loan by 70% and at the same time reduced the decision making period from few days to few minutes;
  • A telecommunications company created a service where users can activate their phones by themselves without hiring support;
  • A shoe salesman created a system for supply management which enables an automatic check for availability of certain model and size of shoes, not only in the store but also in the sales network, which saves time for buyers and sales people;
  • An insurance company built a digital process which automatically deals with a large portion of its simple receivables.

It is necessary for you too to take the next step. If you are not technologically able but you have business knowledge, we can help you define and implement digitilization of business in the most simple way possible. We have a platform which enables easy creation of business solutions for the new digital era. It supports existing business processes but it is ready for new digitalized processes that never existed before.


And that is not all. We want to build around our platform a community for operation excellence that would gather clients, organizations and experts for business processes, technology and business lovers and students. This community could enable sharing knowledge and experience and advancing all aspects of solutions and approaches and all for the benefit of its members. Together we can succeed. Smartwave is your strategic partner for transforming business into an excellent digital experience.

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We are always happy to assist you!

Smartwave team

’Tailored operation excellence for your business processes, not software.’

1. McKinsey & Company : Accelerating the digitization of business processes by Shahar Markovitch and Paul Willmott

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