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December 28, 2016

[Najava webinara] Upravljanje proizvodima sa Smartwave platformom

Održali smo drugi besplatni webinar gde je COO Smartwave-a Dejan Petrović pričao kako Smartwave platforma može biti korišćena za brzo kreiranje profesionalnog kataloga proizvoda, usluga ili paketa kao i potpunu automatizaciju procesa prodaje.

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November 15, 2016

[Pogledajte snimak webinara] Napravite poslovnu aplikaciju uz pomoć Smartwave platforme, brzo, jednostavno bez programerskog znanja

Održali smo webinar gde je CTO Smartwave-a Aleksandar Radoičić pričao o kreiranju poslovnih aplikacija prema sopstvenom specifičnom poslovanju bez upotrebe kompleksnog IT znanja.

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October 28, 2016

[Source: N1] Smartwave from Serbia at a conference in Silicon Valley

The world’s largest FinTech conference in the USA’s Silicon Valley had a representative from Serbia, company Smartwave with headquarters in Belgrade.

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Author: Tanja Veselinovic

October 20, 2016

Smartwave at FinDEVr Silicon Valley 2016

Our CTO Aleksandar Radoičić and CMO Nikola Mikavica presented our Digital Business Platform for FinTech and InsureTech at FinDEVr Silicon Valley 2016 conference in Santa Clara Convention Center!

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Smartwave team

October 19, 2016

Smartwave has a new amazing client, the first one from the banking sector

Smartwave is proud to announce that we have signed a new contract with an amazing client, first from the banking industry, Societe Generale Bank Serbia to implement a Service Management System. A solution utilizing the Smartwave digital business platform will be used to bring excellence to the internal processees, optimize performance and reduce costs for Societe Generale Bank Serbia.

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Smartwave team

July 25, 2016

Smartwave Adaptive Case Management

Business is frequently changing and evolving and it can affect already set work habits, business processes, etc. If, for example, a client asked you for a service that currently isn’t in your offer, you certainly wouldn’t want to say no to him, would you? It is necessary for you to easily adapt to the dynamic and complex situation which depends on who is asking, what is asking, and why he is asking for that particular thing, who can make the decision and what information is necessary to make the decision as good as possible.

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Smartwave team

May 11, 2016

Smartwave at Technobank 2016 Photo Album

Our CEO Predrag Marković talked about Digital Transformation in Banking with Smartwave and our special guest Antonije Pušić - Rambo Amadeus presented simplicity of real-life implementations with Smartwave at Technobank 2016

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Smartwave team

February 10, 2016

Even a business tool can be appealing

It has become a global tendency to switch from desktop applications to modern Cloud solutions. Nevertheless, it is still difficult to automate business, and even more difficult if you are striving to include and enhance customer experience. The less time the customer spends on executing necessary tasks the experience is better and the customer is more satisfied. Simple things have always had a certain appeal and this is why we included them into our business tool.

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Smartwave team

January 3, 2016

Enhance your business with the help of processes

When you have successful business and IT leaders teamed up, only the best business processes can arise from it!

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Smartwave team

December 21, 2015

Adapt to change quickly with Smartwave

Exchange rate has shifted its course, new tender has appeared, we are launching a new promotional campaign since the competition has just left the market...

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Smartwave team

August 15, 2015

Digital transformation is the new wave

The new wave of technologies enables leaders to rethink entire business processes and model with a digital-first mindset.

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Smartwave team

June 16, 2015

Business Responsiveness with Smartwave

I often meet ‘hackers’ in the business world who are not directly related to the IT profession. These are the people who successfully execute everyday business challenges with the help of the phone, e-mail, and Excel documents. However ...

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Smartwave team

March 02, 2015

Urban Programmers with Smartwave

This is a story for the people who have technical skills and who have in some ways worked on software development but haven’t got the aptitude for programming. They may have a little bit of formal knowledge of the kind but they are in possession of great scientific and technical background.

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Smartwave team

February 24, 2015

People Centric at Smartwave

Have you ever wished for a hotel room in the center of the most beautiful city so that everything is within reach? Whether you live in the center or not, digital business puts people in the very center and enables them to do the things they want or the things they didn’t even imagine to be possible.

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Smartwave team

February 02, 2015

Process Map, Smartwave

In Europe, public transportation is part of the city’s infrastructure and in big cities it is part of a daily routine of the majority of people. ‘Tube map’ is public transportation’s most important information. It schematically presents lines, stations and connections of various means of transportation, for example, overground and underground. The main focus of the map is to explain how to get from one station to another while making geographical details abstract.

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Smartwave team

Septembar 17, 2014

We are proud to announce Smartwave

Although a lot of work needs to be done here at Smartwave, we want to share our passion about this startup from Belgrade, Serbia and reach out to the business community, for organizations of all sizes. Smartwave is adaptable app with rapid implementation and integration of business processes that offers a complete insight and social tools on any device in the cloud or on-premisess.

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CO-FOUNDER, Milan Skorić


Smartwave in the News:





Smartwave at the FinDEVr Silicon Valley 2016
Smartwave's CTO Aleksandar Radoičić and CMO Nikola Mikavica presented our Digital Business Platform at the premier event for fintech developers #FinDEVr Silicon Valley 2016!


New Banking Vision 2016
Smartwave's Director of Sales and Marketing - Nikola Mikavica presented Smartwave platform for #fintech solutions at New Banking Vision 2016 in Serbia, Belgrade on October 4th!


Summer wave of new features!
Pleased to announce we've released a new version of the Smartwave beta application.

Already a Member? Sing-In to Smartwave Beta or join us for the first time : click here to create new workspace at Smartwave?


Here's something new we've been working on
For the next month (July 2016) we planned a new update to Smartwave. Whats is next!


Developing a Digital Strategy - and Delivering it
Smartwave attended Gartner Briefing in Belgrade "Developing a Digital Strategy - and Delivering it". Helpful insight on best world practices in developing digital strategy and delivering digital transformation from Tomas Nielsen and Simon Mingay.


Important announcement: change of URL
For all of our beta users who had active accounts on Smartwave application, we’ve just moved to a new URL!


Smartwave at TECHNOBANK 2016 with "Digital transformation". See you there at 16:20 CET Wednesday, May 11th Photo Album!


Tarabica 16
Our chief architect Milan Skorić at ‎Tarabica # I.T. Conference Belgrade. Presentation is available at SlideShare and code at GitHub


What's New
We are pleased to inform you that we implemented some of your suggestions to improve Smartwave! Here's what's new in Smartwave!


Microsoft BizSpark Plus!
Smartwave is a BizSpark Plus member now and runs exclusively on Azure, thanks to Microsoft for that lovely present! Through BizSpark Plus, Smartwave will receive the Azure $120K credit (a US $10K monthly credit of Microsoft Azure for 12 months).


Smartwave Beta Testing Has Started!
Smartwave is pleased to announce that the public beta release of our digital business platform is now available for evaluation and testing!
News from Smartwave .


Smartwave Digital Business Model for SME is an innovative SME Instrument with a H2020 Seal Of Excellence!
Certificate delivered by the European Commission, as the institution managing Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2014-2020


Thank you for your ongoing support and your trust placed in us. We wish happy holidays to you and your loved ones!


Smartwave's CTO Aleksandar Radoičić presented Smartwave digital transformation with our BPM tool on the Microsoft Azure cloud that powers your business at Cotrugli Alumni Klub Srbija!


Smartwave Early Warning on FINIZ as an answer to the challenges of managing non-performing loans & debt collection. Session B, 12:00pm at


Smartwave's CTO Aleksandar Radoičić speaks about "Business Process Management in e-commerce" B001, 18:30 on ELAB department at Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade, Serbia


Smartwave is thrilled to announce the launch of our new animated explainer video! Business digitalization made simple with Smartwave


Smartwave is launching as an invitation-only preview on the web at the beginning of December 2015! News from Smartwave.


Smartwave was at Belgrade Venture Forum, Crowne Plaza 12th - 14th November 2015, Serbia. We met great people, fresh ideas and created new business opportunities!


Smartwave's co-founder Milan Skorić has described "Architecture and Implementation of CQRS Pattern with Microsoft .Net" on the largest ICT Conference in CEE - Sinergija organized by Microsoft Serbia.


Smartwave's CTO Aleksandar Radoičić has successfully presented "H2020 From the Perspective of Contributor" on the EU projects discussion organized by Cotrugli Alumni Serbia

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